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Gwinnett County Education & Community Resources Development Forum

CSE Presents: Gwinnett County Education and Community Resources Development Forum


Education and employment opportunities for GCPS parents and students in a COVID-19 school year and economy.

  • How to lead through CHANGE and be mindful of the equitable inclusion of diversity?
  • As a business chamber of commerce, what are the barriers to building diverse partnerships in the business community?
  • What are you doing to bridge the gap to increase skill levels and livable wage career paths for diverse students and parents in Gwinnett County?
  • What is the chamber doing in partnership with Gwinnett County Public Schools to equip students and parents for a new normal in the workforce?
  • How can we apply Level 5 Leadership principals to cultivate the positive community and economic success of Gwinnett County?
  • What is our “new normal” in Gwinnett County?
  • How do youth in Gwinnett County get involved in local leadership initiatives?