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CSE was established in 2015 by Deirdra Cox, a 36 year banking and community development professional, who saw the need to create greater socioeconomic impact in low income/high potential communities, through strategic partnerships that foster upward mobility and community sustainability. 

We understand the driving force behind viable communities are financially sound individuals, families, and local economies. Our platforms simultaneously address economic and education disparities with a keen focus on stakeholder accountability.

CSE has served thousands of students, parents, educators, small business owners, and C-Level executives in the Southeast Region. CSE’S Youth Workforce Development Program has gained recognition for decreasing college and career readiness gaps, in Georgia.   Understanding the emerging paradigm shift in social service programs, CRA and Corporate Social Responsibility platforms, CSE is dedicated to maintaining a correlation between imoactful programs and evidence-based outcomes.

CSE is a pioneer in the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) arena.  CSE’s passion for CRA Community Development, produced the first full service bank branch inside of a Georgia high school.  CSE’s innovative vision also established a School Based Public Private Partnership model, that is going strong in Career Academy High Schools throughout Georgia.

CSE is the voice and face of innovative and well-rounded Community and Economic Development, that builds stable people, who build sustainable, thriving communities.